The Street Cafe St Albans

I'm Rita Keenan.

I’ve always loved food and I’m always hungry! I grew up on homemade food, prepared from scratch. I can still smell the fresh basil my grandmother would use in her delicious mediterranean dishes made from ripe vegetables and aromatic herbs.

When I moved to England at 21, I had to learn to fend for myself. I started to discover new flavours and ingredients from all over the world. I loved to share my discoveries with friends and impress them each week with my new tricks.

Today I love to cook for my husband Peter and my 5 wonderful children. I always try to feed my children good healthy stuff. They can be a tough crowd but most of the time I get 10 out of 10 reviews!

My children are now all at school and university. So I found more time to dream about my first love. Food! I teamed up with my friend Irina (who loves food as much as I do) to create a place the whole neighbourhood could enjoy.

A place where mums could meet, office workers could grab a quick bite, families could gather to share a meal and catch up on the day, or where local characters ( We have plenty of those!) could sit and simply watch the world go by.

So come to our place, this extension of our home. Enjoy quality food and quality time with the people you love. Eat fresh, natural, locally sourced and seasonal food. And from time to time indulge in some great cheese and wine.

Rita & the team.