New Menu for winter 2020

por Rita Keenan

So the latest lockdown has ended! Hurrah I hear you say, you can rush out to your favourite cafe and enjoy an almond latte and sample our new menu. 
lockdown has had some benefits, I Have  invested time to get the new menu just right!

I was introduced to an expert chef, bored sat at home and boy did he give me some new,  creative and interesting ideas.

We have introduced loads of Vegan options, including our flagship, beyond meat Vegan burger. I served this plant based burger to my husband and he couldn’t tell the difference between it and a normal meat based burger, that is how good it is!

The Shakuka Eggs are my personal favourite, served with chorizo or mushrooms for the veggie option.

Elsewhere we have reintroduced our pancake stack ( due to popular demand!) and expanded our lunch offering. The Street Cafe is not just for breakfast/ brunch!
With Christmas approaching I wish you and your families a warm and festive season and we look forward to seeing you all back in the not too distant future!

Much love,